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Days 1 - 14

Wet Clay

The First 24 Hours

Haste Makes Waste    

Say, "Please!"      

Teach Not Punish
Whose Toy Is It?

Trust is a Must!
Puppy Brain Development

Canine Not Human


Breakfast of Champions
Sweetest Sound on Earth

Out of Sight, Out of Mind    
Protect Your Investment


Weeks 3 - 13

Whoa Nelly!   

Timing is Everything      


Time Out  

Give Your Dog a Paycheck

Mind and Body

Chew Training

Food and Praise Scales      

On Your Mat      
Stress Management   

Reading Stress
Move It


Weeks 14- 34

Stay the Course

Where's My Lollipop

Teach an Inhibited Bite

Food Bowl Aggression

Who's Telling Who What To Do?

Socializing Dogs to Cats

English as a Second Language

Emotional Leadership
Trading Up
Bath Time

Sad Statistics

Food Puzzles
Puppy Frenzy

Mail Carriers
Happy, Sad or Mad?

Fact or Fiction
Little Dogs, Big Egos
Say It Once


Weeks 35- 54

Hands Off

Extinction Burst
Behavioral Diary
Cabin Fever
Rank and Serial Number
Raising Canine not Cane
No Painful Punishment
Too Little, Too Late
Go Fetch

Child Rules
Aggression Types
Classifying FearTypes
Party On!
Hide and Seek
Push Ups
Tunnel Vision
Challenging Behaviors

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