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Error-Free Puppy Raising™ Tips

by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started Week Five - Boo!

If you want to enjoy an adult dog companion that is not easily scared or fearful, you must teach Puppy that most sights and sounds are NOT scary - this includes going to the veterinarian, to the groomer, and outside of the home.

Introduce many new things to Puppy saying, "This is fun!" Show Puppy by your example that things are not scary. You move toward objects of concern with a relaxed posture, calming sighs and "lovey" talk, "What a nice baby - ahh so cute!" Help Puppy to see you relaxed - not fearful or suspicious. 

Don't use force!  Instead, allow time to "decay" any fears. Imagine Puppy thinking, "well, it hasn't attacked me yet, maybe it's NOT a threat."  Praise Puppy any signs of bravery. Ignore all signs of fear - don't even talk to or look at Puppy - talk to the object.

Introduce babies, toddlers, cats, rabbits, funny hats, umbrellas, hair dryers, wheel chairs, shopping carts, vacuums, fireworks, mail boxes, skateboards, bicycles, grooming tools, bathtubs, tooth brushes, etc. Never allow Puppy to panic. Go slowly and keep all learning a positive experience.

Powerful, friendly cookie givers...
Make all children "cookie givers" - asking older children to request a sit for the "cookie". You stand behind the child as "back-up" and to help them hold and release the treat for a sit. If you pup jumps at faces, put your thumb in the collar of the leash when the pup is sitting to allow children to approach without the pup jumping on them.

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