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by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started Week 8 - Mind and Body

Gentling exercises are a great way to teach your dog to trust you. Once you have earned your dog's trust, you will be able to touch your dog anywhere, anytime you want and your dog will respond like a floppy, unconcerned rag doll. Introduce these exercises when your puppy has been exercised and is relaxed or tired.

  • Begin by finding your pup's favorite spots to be scratched to associate your touch with good feelings.

  • Over days, increase where and how you touch your puppy - using treats if needed - to keep this time fun and progressive.

  • Your end goal is to be able to give the puppy a complete physical exam – looking in the mouth, ears, under the tail, between the toes with some minor restraint; to be able to move the skin all over the body; to be able move every part of the body in a normal range of motion. Praise cooperation.

  • Don't force this issue. It is okay if your pup begins by feeling a little anxious as long as he can work through it and end up relaxed.

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