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Error-Free Puppy Raising™ Tips

by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started Week Fifteen - Staying the Course

At about four months of age, puppies begin to lose their puppy teeth and gain their adult teeth. They also become hormonal as they mature. At this age, your puppy may appear to test you just like a human adolescent or teenager. 
You ask your puppy to sit and you get a blank stare or a wagging tail that looks like, "What if I don't?"

Wrong move
:  lose your cool - yell, scare, physically grab or punish - as your response.

Right move:
  If you are about to feed dinner or offer a toy, withhold it, turn your back and walk away. Or, go to your puppy and insist - calmly - on a SIT by gently taking the collar in two hands and lifting up and back looking down on your puppy, saying, "Sit" with full enunciation in a quiet yet stern voice tone.  Say, "Good" to reassure and lower any perception of threat as your puppy sits.

What's important is that you stay consistent, persistent and insistent with house rules and canine manners.

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