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by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started Day Twelve - The Sweetest Sound on Earth

The best teaching methods are "hands off" (no force) so the puppy needs to use his or her brain to figure out what behaviors you want. Hand signals and sound signals help puppies learn much faster than English vocabulary alone. Hearing one's name is often considered the sweetest sound on earth. Use Puppy's name with praise and once before giving a cue. Never use Puppy's name in anger.

1.  When you feed your puppy, shake a treat jar, and then say, "Puppy, come!"

2.  When you tell Puppy to sit, use a consistent hand signal to mean sit.

3.  Every time Puppy does a behavior you want, such as sit, down, come, roll-over, back up – use a clicker to immediately reinforce that action, followed by a food treat.

4.  Say Puppy's name before giving a cue such as "sit."  Never take Puppy's name in vane!

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