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by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started Day Three - Haste Makes Waste

Here are common mistakes that people make in the first week with new puppies.

1.  Not establishing a schedule and routine from Day 1 to help the puppy learn faster.

2.  Physically punishing puppies for mistakes in the house instead of preventing them with 100% supervision.

3.  Not feeding a premium puppy food, leaving food and water down instead of providing meals and stopping all access after 6pm during the first 14 days (Input = Output.)

SAMPLE SCHEDULE - Rule of thumb: 
pups can "hold it" for one hour longer than their age in months.
6:00 am - carry from the kennel to the elimination area. If no elimination back to kennel, if elimination, play time.
6:15 am - use first five kibbles for "learn to earn" training, then breakfast in the kennel
6:30 am - back out to the elimination area. After elimination, play time indoors or walk.
7:30 am - back into kennel with a safe, engaging chew toy (If you are home, keep pup indoors on leash with you.)
11:00 am - carry pup out to potty area, treat, play session, kennel (If working, come home for lunch.)
5:30 pm - carry pup out to potty area, treat, walk, "learn to earn" train, feed dinner, potty.
6:00 pm - indoor supervision (confinement) on leash with you, on a mat, calm praise for chewing on toy and "settled" behavior, puppy walked out to potty area every two hours - play after potty, confinement after "no potty"
10:00 pm - last potty break before kenneling for night (best in your bedroom).

*Alternative to kenneling during the day is a small area like a bathroom or exercise pen in the kitchen with potty pads, open kennel, a good chew toy and 2 toys rotated daily OR a puppy daycare or veterinary daily board.

Parenting Tips™ for Puppy   

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