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Getting Started Week 17 - Teach an Inhibited Bite

Veterinarian and founder of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Dr. Ian Dunbar recommends teaching every puppy to have a "soft mouth."  You can help prevent a serious bites by teaching dogs to inhibit their bites by allowing gentle mouthing and giving the dog feedback by yelping loudly like a puppy if they aren't VERY gentle.

In the event that your dog is unexpectedly hurt or frightened and responds emotionally by biting, and if your dog believes human skin is so fragile when it comes to canine teeth, then your dog will be less likely to bite hard.

Step 1:  Allow pup to mouth human hands, yelping loudly, OUCH, whenever the teeth apply too much pressure.

Step 2:  Once the pup has learned gentle mouthing, teach the pup to back "off" on cue (stop mouthing you).

Step 3: Once the pup has learned to stop mouthing on cue, only allow mouthing on cue, "gentle."

Step 4: Once the pup knows not to initiate mouthing and is "soft mouthed" teach no canine teeth on human skin

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