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Error-Free Puppy Raising™ Tips

by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started Week Four - Timing is Everything!

The puppy lunges at the cat, and you say, "Stop!" or "No!" and the puppy stops and sits - then you proceed to tell the puppy, "Bad dog!" 

  You have just reprimanded the puppy for stopping and sitting quietly and looking at you - instead of praising the puppy for stopping so quickly. When you respond after the fact, you treat the puppy like a little human who can understand what you are saying. Wrong!

See how easy it is to confuse a puppy simply because we are human?
It's okay to interrupt the Puppy from doing something wrong with a "stop!" or "no!" if you immediately change your tone when Puppy does stop. Count to 10. Then tell Puppy something he or she can do to please you and make up.

Try crouching down in a welcoming position with your arms open and call Puppy to come. If Puppy does come, praise lavishly - if not, you may have confused Puppy with your scolding. Instead of calling Puppy, throw a favorite toy and praise Puppy for chewing on that! 

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