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by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Getting Started Week 47 - Hide and Seek

Games are a great way to share quality time with your puppy and review vocabulary.  Play games before meals when your puppy is hungry so that the treats taste especially good! 

Start this game with two people if possible.  Show your puppy a delicious treat. Then, go hide while the other person counts, holding onto your puppy.  After the counter yells, "Ready or not, here we come," the goal is for your puppy to find you and get the treat.

Then the counter hides while you hold the puppy and count. After you say, "Ready or not, here we come," the person hiding, calls, "Puppyname, come!" A treat is delivered while the first hider hides again. Get the idea? One person hides with a treat, the other counts and holds the puppy. After playing this game for about 3 - 5 treats, feed your puppy dinner.

Hide the bone or biscuit:

Hide a chew or dog biscuits instead of hiding a person. Show your dog what you will be hiding. Close a door to keep your dog from following you and hide away!  When your puppy finds the biscuits, dinner is served. Or, if playing after dinner, when you puppy finds the chew, chew time begins in front of the television on the pup's mat.

Games must be fun and allow your puppy to win something for the effort. 

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