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- Adding Behavior Services -

Offering Off-Leash Puppy Socialization Classes
Marketing Tools

Puppy Training Marketing Handout
Script for Phone calls to puppy owners
Sample Daycare/DaySchool Flyer *
Sample Puppy Class Flyer*
Sample Puppy Seminar Flyer

Forms and Handouts Needed for Puppy Classes
The Well Equipped Puppy-Product Checklist
Class Attendance Form
Class Enrollment Form
Class Evaluation Form*
Canine Basic Manners
Request for Behavior Information Form
Curriculum and Goals

Implementing Behavior Programs
IdealPuppy™ Program Topics

IdealDog Community Behavior Seminar
Setting Up Puppy Class
Puppy Class Training Goals
Puppy Class Training Concepts
Puppy Class Curriculum

Watch Video of
Positive Off Leash
Training Methods

Checklists and Sample Documents
Seminar Preparation List
Sample Press Release
Sample Program Price List

IdealPuppy™ Supplies and Rules Checklist
IdealPuppy™ Program Set-up Checklists
Instructions To Puppy Owner Regarding Puppy Class*
Location Setup Documents
Proprietary materials Agreement
Implementing the IdealPet™ Programs
Filing System Set-up
New Member Set-up for the ABC
Recommended Supplies and Resources

* Asterisk means - available as a Word Doc to be customized to your practice needs.

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