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Canine Basic Manners

The “Big 10” Goals for Well-Mannered Dogs

1) Cheerfully accept gentle handling, grooming, taking pills and veterinary exams.

2) Allow all members of the family to handle its food, bones and toys.

3) Always wait before going in or out any door or vehicle, and move out of the way automatically.

4) Settle on a mat any where, any time. Do not beg at family meals.

5) Learn to sit when greeting guests and when the leash comes out.

6) Learn to respond to requests to be “Quiet.” (Stop barking on request.)

7) Do not pull on the leash; walk nicely.

8) Learn to eliminate on cue and only in appropriate toilet areas.

9) Perform one or more tasks whenever asked, and without a food bribe.

10) Relax and are well-mannered indoors for most of the time when the family is home.

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