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Puppy Party and Classes - Topics Checklist

This list is a combination of topics and commands that the ABC will need to know to teach Puppy Classes, Puppy Manners Consults, and DayCare.  Information on these topics is located on the ABN website and in “Pet Perception Management” by Dr. Rolan Tripp, DVM.


  • Supervising the puppy party play session

  • Teaching basic canine elimination

  • Gentle Handling Exercises (Pass the Puppy): Suspension, Hugging and Cradling, Stroking, Massage, Range of motion, Gentle minor restraint

  • Proofing - gentle mouthing, desensitization (plus positive cookie association) to child's potential rough handling.

  • Puppy approaching other dogs, say, "Hi." cue to be friendly, relaxed

  • Fitting and using the Gentle Leader®

  • Learn to Earn - home leadership routines

  • The well equipped puppy - helpful products

  • Food bowl desensitization exercises

  • Puppy socialization checklist


  • OFF  (Stop touching what you are now touching – me, the couch, paper, etc)

  • QUIET  (When I say this word, stop barking)

  • COME (Come and sit in front of me and let me touch your collar)

  • SAY HI (Introducing the puppy to a new person, dog or cat.  “They’re OK”)

  • SIT  (Sit straight and look at me for a few seconds)

  • SIT-STAY  (Stay in the sit position)

  • WATCH  (Look into my eyes until released)

  • DOWN  (Lie down on the floor)

  • DOWN-STAY – (Stay in the down position)

  • WAIT – (Don’t cross this line until released)

  • BANG/OVER/SLEEP – (Only for advanced pups who get everything else)

  • GET BUSY Elimination Training

  • KENNEL UP – (Go into your kennel on this command) Kennel Training – (being relaxed while closed inside the kennel)

  • SETTLE – (Close Tethering, The well mannered car traveler)

  • MOVE – (Move out of my way when walking)

  • EASY  –  (Leash Training without pulling)

  • COOKIE - The Cookie Place (Bring some tasty treats in a zip-lock anytime coming to   hospital)

  • GENTLE - Puppy Biting and  Bite Inhibition (How to prevent and respond appropriately)

  • GET YOUR CHEW - Preventing destructive chewing

  • FIND IT (Digging Pet - Preventing destructive digging)

  • TIME OUT - Preventing Separation Anxiety


  • Relaxed being kenneled or groomed

  • Contented Confinement - remaining quiet in a kennel

  • Cookie Tables - desensitized to each exam table (Gentled with Cookies)

  • Clipper desensitization - no fear grooming

  • Hold Still - relaxed cooperation for ear or eye exam and clean.

  • No Fear Nail trim

  • Relax - for minor restraint on every exam and X-ray table in the hospital

  • Brushing the coat (Introducing grooming tools are to be ignored, not played with)

  • Desensitizing to noise – preventing noise phobia (fireworks or storms)

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