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Pet Perception Management

Rolan Tripp, DVM


Handbook of Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat (2nd edition)
Gary Landsberg, DVM & Wayne Hunthausen, DVM & Lowell Ackerman, DVM Pub: Butterworth & Heinemen
To Order:  913-362-2512                     
Cost:  Approx. $60  


Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals

Karen Overall, V.M.D., Ph.D.

Pub: Mosby Publishing                             

To Order: 800-426-4545                      

Cost: Approx. $50


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New Behavior Services Codes

Create behavior specific computer codes to track behavior-related revenue
(If the computer lists them alphabetically, consider, "Beh" before each item.)


    Beh Behavior Assessment
 Beh Brief Neuro Exam

    Beh IdealDog Classes

    Beh Behavior Consultation Recheck

    Beh Puppy Socialization Class

    Beh Daycare 1 day

    Beh Daycare 5 day pass

    Beh Daycare 30 day pass

    Beh Day School

    Beh Blood Panel incl. CBC

    Beh T4 serum test

    Beh UA

    Beh Fecal

    Beh Lab Tests (Other)

    Beh Canine Good Citizen

    Beh Comfy Cat Boarding

    Beh Comfy Dog Boarding

    Beh Behavior Product

    Beh Medication (stress reduction - tranquilization, sedation, other)

Behavior Center (Pet-Centered Practice) Supplies 


Novartis 1-877-738-5481            

Determine number requested and locations for each

____    Countertop Brochure Holder(S) CLM 200004A
____    Brochures CLM 010003A

____    Clomicalm Technical Review(S)

CLM 980010A
____    Clomicalm Video (5 as loaners) CLM 200014A up to 10/order

Click on Image for easy online order of
Gentle Leader
Head Collars. Fit in puppy daycare, parties and socialization classes for gentle method that stops leash pulling and helps manage unruly behaviors.

Easy-walk harness also stops leash pulling -
Premier Easy Walk Dog Harness


Butler Lean Treats - Nutrisentials Reorder No. 021164 (Ask your local Butler Rep.)


Sunshine Pet Treats     800-705-2111

      Meaty Jerky Treats Case of 6, 50 oz tubs; about $55 total + S&H


Hills Pet

      Brain Aging/Behavior Learning Module and tests

      Jerky Treats

Click on Images for Kong or  Tug-A-Jug kibble feeders Keep dogs quiet in kennels by giving them something positive to do. Read, Frozen Pupsicles


REDBARN™ Super-Dog Pet Food Company

__    Roll-Chicken/Liver Large 4lb size (In Clinic Treats and Retail

__    Roll-Lamb/Rice Medium 2lb size (In Clinic Treats and Retail

__    Roll-Small Beef 10 oz size (Retail)

(Thank you AVH Veterinary Group, PA - for sharing this resource!)

Veterinary Behavior Medications

      Clomicalm (not the generic Clomipramine)
      Alprazolam; .5 and 2 mg tabs. 
__      Read,
Using Generic Drugs
* If another drug were to be added, the next one is Fluoxetine 10 and 20 mg caps. The best place to buy Fluoxetine caps in quantity (to repackage).

Compounding Pharmacy
Most veterinary practices have a compound pharmacy. If they don't Dr. Tripp recommends:
BCP - Birds, Cats, and Puppies
Veterinary Pharmacy

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