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The Well-Equipped Puppy
IdealPuppy Class Recommended Supplies

Recommended for Teaching Good Behavior 
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Nylon adjustable neck collar
Nylon 6 foot, 1/2 inch lead
R       16 - 26 "   Flexi Lead
R       Poop baggies (sandwich type)
ID tag for collar
ID chip implanted when altered
Head collar e.g. "Gentle Leader"
Grooming tools - brushes & combs
Hypo-allergenic shampoo
Veterinary Rx parasite control
Nail file
Nail clippers
"Quick-Stop" powder

Exercise Pen or Baby Gates
Treats in Ziplock baggies
Long lasting chews
Food puzzles
DAP  (first day, weeks)

Odor neutralizer
Taste deterrent
Premium diet fed at home

Introduce the bath tub in small, positive steps before your puppy's first bath. Do not give your puppy a bath until your puppy is relaxed and comfortable with your gentle handling.


Feed breakfast using food puzzles and chews that can hide food to help occupy the "home alone" puppy.  Hand feed dinner for a quick daily "refresher" of any known instructions or teach ONE new command using the first five kibbles before setting the food bowl down.


Practice "contented confinement" with the puppy tethered near you - on a mat, with a long-lasting chew while you enjoy your evening television or reading before bed.


Introduce the kennel as a safe, comfy place to rest and relax. Do not use the kennel as punishment. Do use the kennel to give your puppy a positive time out to calm down.


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