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Offering A Free Community Seminar Preparation
"How to Raise An Ideal Dog!"

A behavior seminar can be divided into parts; content and mechanics. It is possible to have one person deliver the seminar content, and another “produce” the event, handling all the mechanics of marketing, room set up, etc.

The first step is to look at and print out these files and read them from top to bottom to get an overall idea of the seminar.

IdealDog™ Seminar Preparation Checklist
This checklist goes through the things that need to be done the first time you have a behavior seminar, preparing for each seminar and the night of the seminar.

Behavior Seminar Content Education
When you have gone through the Content Basics and reviewed the Mechanics on this page, this link takes you to links that will help you achieve more in depth learning about behavior.

Seminar Presenters Notes
Use these notes on a flip pad to keep you on track.

IdealPuppy™ Curriculum
Review the puppy class curriculum and seminar outline. This is a very complete outline, and you may choose to not try to cover ALL the topics suggested. This outline lists the essence of each concept.

The following files are all related to the production and management of the seminar.  Each is provided as a starting place for you to edit as needed.  With the file on the screen, use the menu options:  File; Save As;  This will open a window.  Browse as you would with saving any file where you can find it again.  Then you can load it in Windows WORD and edit as you wish.

Behavior Services - Getting Organized Checklist
This form is for member hospitals that have decided to begin training for  IdealPuppy™ Programs. These programs consist of Community Behavior Seminars, Puppy Classes, and/or DayCare. These are some of the questions that the hospital will need to answer to begin the IdealPuppy™ Program. This form is to be completed or delegated by the person responsible for the programs and then faxed to the hospital Animal Behavior Network Affiliate (ABNA).

Sample Press Release
This press release is a sample that you can use or edit.  At the minimum you will need to change the dates.  When you are ready for your first seminar, fax a copy to as many pertinent locations as possible.  Start with a stack by the front desk, and put one INTO THE HAND of every puppy owner.

Press Release Fax Network
Use this form as a sample, on where to store the fax numbers in your local network.  Use your local Yellow Pages to ID the pet stores, groomers, shelters and other places you think might want to post this notice.  MOST important are any local newspapers or radio that have community calendars that accept press releases, or list events coming up in the community. 

Direct Mail Marketing Page
This is a sample direct mail piece to be sent to puppy owners.  You will need to modify it for your situation.  It can be folded, taped and sent with a address label attached, or address written on the outside.

Seminar Attendance
When you have the first seminar, this document can be used to keep track of who came.  If you are ready to offer paid puppy classes or puppy parties, the “Pd?” box can be used.  It is important to get phone numbers so the people who came to the seminar can be invited to the puppy party.  Also get email addresses from all who have one.

Class Enrollment Form
If you do want to enroll puppies and owners, this form can be modified to your needs.

Sample Memo Inviting Team to Puppy Seminar
You may want to send a memo to each hospital member to invite them to a seminar.  Some may want to do this for the first seminar, others may want to give one first, then invite fellow staff members to the second, having learned from the first.  You pick! This is a sample to get ideas and edit for your needs.

Memo Inviting Team to Seminar
This is a sample of another hand out that you might like to use to invite team to the puppy seminar or parties.

Release of Video Image
If you want to video tape people and puppies in the class.  Use this form or modify as needed for your purposes.

Script for Calls
It is recommended you call all eligible puppy owners a week before, then again the day before the puppy party you want them to attend.  Since it is a night out, most people require a follow up call, or they very well may not show.  It is common to only reach the answering machine, so these links also have some machine script suggestions.

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