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Becoming Pet-Centered Professionals

Suggested Start-up Behavior Services Fees

The Puppy Place! Suggested Fees
Community Dog Behavior Seminar

Client and Community PR Outreach  $00.00

Puppy Socialization (PupK) Classes

Six, 1 hour group classes $89.00

Includes ECourse from the Animal Behavior Network with links to an Online Library

Error-Free Puppy Raising ECourse       $00.00
Error-Free Kitten Raising ECourse         $00.00 

Puppy DayCare - ages 7 to 16 weeks

(Free Day FREE with first purchase)
$60/ Week Pass
$300/ Month Pass

Doggie DaySchool

$25 1/2 hour

In Hospital extended exam
Brief Neurological Exam
Brief Behavioral Assessment

One visit is recommended $60.00

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Core Dog Behavior Products

Core Cat Behavior Products

Kongs Baby Food - tongue depressors
Gentle Leaders Cat harnesses
Recommended Dog Cookies Recommended Cat Cookies
Food Puzzles Food Puzzles
Phermones - Feliway, DAP Phermones - Feliway
PetsIncredible DVDs - Cat or Dog PetsIncredible Cat DVDs
AnimalBehavior.Net ECourses - Puppy, Dog, Pet Behavior Analysis AnimalBehavior.Net ECourses - Kitten, Cat, Pet Behavior Analysis

Calculate New Revenue for Behavior Products

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