Creating Kinder, Gentler Experiences for Pets





- Adding Behavior Services

 Puppy Party and Socialization Classes
Recommendations to Clients

Dog Name: _______________________________________________

Date: __________  Person: ___________________________________

Recommended Supplies

Nylon Collar and 6’ Leash
ID Tag and Microchip Injection

Crate (Optional; Molded or Wire?)

Comfy Dog Bed (Optional)

Head Halter*
*Rec. if large, high energy or unruly.

Recommended Toys - Rotate 3 available at one time.



Flying Disk*

Fleecy Toy*

Dental Rope**

Nylon Chew**

Compressed Rawhide**

Kong-Hide food inside**

Sterilized Shank Bone**

Toys containing food*

* Discourage Toy Destruction
**Encourage Toy Destruction

Recommended Treats

Dry dog kibble

Dry cat kibble

Freeze Dried Liver

Fake Beef Jerky

Soft Moist Food

Friskies “PupPeroni”

Recommended Basic House Rules

On leash exercise is a minimum of around one city block/10lbs per day
     Agree: Y or see next Q?

     If No, then specify commitment to exercise:

I won’t give a command unless I’m willing to get up and enforce compliance
     Agree: Y/N

Never allowed up on furniture: Agree: Y/N Or Only__________________________________

Never allowed on my bed: Agree: Y/N Or Only_____________________________________

Dog mouthing people is not acceptable (Say “OFF”+/- collar correction, give chew)
     Agree: Y/N  

Jumping on people as greeting is never OK Agree: Y/N

Barking at people on property is OK until QUIET command. Agree: Y/N

Dog Moves on cue when laying in person’s path. (Subordinate = moves) Agree: Y/N

No scraps or treats from the table, unless given in food bowl at dog meal. Agree Y/N

Food or possession guarding is never acceptable
     Agree: Y/N (Obtain advice on how to handle.)

Willing to purchase crate and crate train? (Optional but recommended if space)
     Agree: Y/N

I agree to teach my dog the Close Tethering Technique (Optional but recommended)
     Agree: Y/N

My dog and I LIKE (or) DON’T LIKE to play tug of war at least once weekly.(Circle)

I commit to spend an average of _____ minutes per day average during this program.

Learn Gentling (Leadership exercise)

Suspension, hugging, cradling, stroking

Body and Ear Massage (Handling = right to touch any part of body any time anywhere)

Range of Motion (= right to move limbs, tail, head gently but against dog’s will)

Restraint “Hold Still” (Don’t move): On side_____ On back______ Control position ____

Home Health Care Exam: Brushing teeth________ Nail Trim_______ Ear Cleaning______
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