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Puppy Parties and Socialization Classes
Encouraging Attendance - Phone Scripts

Print out a list from your computer of all puppies that have been in to the veterinary clinic in the last 6 months. Have your Sign up for Behavior Information Form  ready to collect the client’s email address and confirm the client’s other information.

If you reach the owner

Hi, this is _________________ .  I’m calling from ________________.

We are calling all the pet parents with puppies and inviting them to our puppy (party) classes. Puppies need to learn good canine social skills before they are four months old to be less fearful or aggressive as adult dogs.  We will also answer questions about housetraining, puppy biting, preventing destruction and other unwanted puppy behaviors.

Space is limited. Would you like me to reserve Puppy Name's place in the
next (party) class on ___________________ night at _______________.

Will you and the rest of the family be able to attend?

If you reach the answering machine

Hi, this is ___________________ I’m calling to invite you to an important puppy

socialization class for Puppy Name on day/date.  The first class is free. You will learn easy gentle methods for training Puppy Name in the class. We hope to see the whole family there.

Please call to confirm a reserved space as we limit the number of puppies. You may reach me at  (phone number/times). 

Please plan to bring your puppy hungry - skip dinner (no food for six hours) until after class so we can use tasty treats to show your puppy how to come, sit, and lay down on cue.


1)    For people who agree to come to class or are considering it, call again 24 hours before the first class.

2)    For people who can’t attend because of schedule:

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