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Satisfying the AAHA Behavior Requirements

Veterinary Hospitals participating in the Animal Behavior Network (ABN) meet the Behavior Requirements for the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

What are AAHA and ABN?

PC57. Behavior concerns are addressed through routine counseling, client education materials, and appropriate referral to qualified veterinary behaviorists or counselors.
Behavior Consultation
Behavior Topics

The practice provides counseling and education materials on the following subjects:

a. Selection of an appropriate pet
Puppy Selection Program
Test for Selecting a New Dog - 1 page summary
Test for Selecting a New Dog - Expanded
Test for Selecting a Dog While Visiting a Shelter

Test for Selecting a New Cat

Test for Selecting a Cat While Visiting a Shelter

b. Proper housing
Kennel Training-One Page

d. Socialization
Puppy Socialization Checklist
Feline Kitten Socialization Q&A

Socialization and Obedience Class
Early Socialization

e. Housetraining
Canine Elimination Training - Basics
Elimination Training
Elimination Training Resistant Dogs

f. Litter box management
Feline Litterbox Training Q&A
Feline Inappropriate Elimination

g. Inappropriate elimination and marking behavior
Feline Inappropriate Elimination
Feline Urine Marking - Q&A  

h. Simple aggression
Preventing Aggression Toward Family Members

Prevention and Treatment of Food Bowl Aggression

Canine Aggression - Diagnosing and Treating -Q&A  
Feline Aggression to Owners
Feline Aggression- Q&A

j. Excessive barking or howling

Preventing Excessive Barking

Preventing Excessive Whining
Canine Barking - Q&A
Canine Barking in the Vet's Lobby
Canine Barking Interruption Menu
Canine Barking
Feline Vocalization - Q&A  

k. Separation anxiety
Preventing Separation Anxiety

Canine Separation Anxiety Tx
Canine Separation Anxiety
Canine Separation Anxiety - Q&A

m. Crate training of puppies

Canine Kennel Training Step By Step
Canine Kennel Training - 1 page  

Teaching Contented Kennel Confinement

n. Humane obedience training
Puppy Training - Come, Wait, and Follow - Q&A  
Puppy Training - Establishing Leadership - Q&A  
Puppy Training - House Manners - Q&A  
Puppy Training - Sit, Down, Stand and Stay - Q&A  
Puppy Training Basics - Q&A
Puppy Training Goals

Canine Basic Tra
ining Principles
Canine Close Tether Training
Canine Corrections
Canine Leadership Do's and Don'ts
Canine Leadership Exercises

Canine Learn To Earn

Rewarding Good Behavior

Rewards and Corrections

o. Appropriate play techniques
Canine Play
Canine Play and Exercise - Q&A  
Introducing Playful Toys

Feline Play

Feline Play and Over - Play- Q&A

p. Species specific normal behavior
Body Language of Love
How To Handle Fearful And Aggressive Dogs
How To Handle Fearful And Aggressive Cats

Rationale: A high percentage of companion animals are euthanized or surrendered to shelters because of inappropriate behavior. Behavior problems can lead to owner frustration, diminished quality of life for the animal, and increased health risks for associated animals and humans. Behavior counseling can relieve animal suffering, enhance client perception of the practice as a source for comprehensive animal care, provide valued community service, and more closely bond clients to the practice.

PC70: Aggressive handling or restraint that might cause physical injury is prohibited
How To Handle Fearful And Aggressive Dogs

How To Handle Fearful And Aggressive Cats

PC80: The practice evaluates and addresses the special housing needs of fearful or anxious animals
Feline Stress
Canine Stress
Canine Inpatient Barking Protocol
Feline Inpatient Anti-Stress Protocol

PC81: Animals that exhibit behaviors suggesting environmental or behavioral distress such as constant barking or pacing or immobility or hiding in cats are evaluated and the distress is resolved if possible.

Feline Stress
Canine Stress
Canine Inpatient Barking Protocol
Feline Anti-Stress Protocol

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