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Rolan Tripp DVM
About The Author

- Pet Selection-

Test For Selecting A New Cat

Priority Body Preferences

__ Size: I prefer a cat that is: _ small _medium _large
__ Coat: I prefer a cat with a hair coat that is: _short _medium _long
__ Markings: I prefer a cat that is: _one solid color _patterned _tri-colored
__ Grooming: The importance to me of shedding and the "look and feel" of the pet's coat condition. _little _moderate _a lot
__ Age: I prefer a cat that is a: _kitten
_adult _senior
__ Gender: I prefer that my cat is:
_intact male
_intact female
_neutered male
_spayed female

Priority Mind and Personality Preferences

__ People-Orientation: I prefer a cat that is: _independent _lap cat _a buddy
__ Pet-Orientation: I prefer a cat that will regard other household pets as: _foes _invisible _friends
__ Vocals/Meows: I prefer a cat that meows and converses with me: _a lot _moderate _very little
__ Vocals/Purrs: I prefer a cat that purrs: _ a lot _moderate _very little
__ Playfulness: I prefer a cat that engages in interactive play with me: _a lot _moderate _very little
__ Reactivity: I prefer a cat that reacts to new situations/people by: _disappearing _watching
_joining in
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