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The Body Language of Pet Love

Does your cat...

Approach you with the tail absolutely straight up in the air?
Flop over on his or her side as you approach?
Touch his or her nose to your finger?
Purr when you are near?
Look at you with eyes half closed?
Raise her rump when you pet her?
Knead on you?
Drool while kneading you or while you pet her?
Make social vocalizing sounds?
Rub her head on you?
Lick you?
Urinate on your clothes or bed?
Bring you a dead animal?
Retrieve objects?

If your cat does any of the behaviors he or she is communicating the body language of love!  Learn more in the Media Center!

No one really knows what goes on in the noggin' of a dog or cat. However, you can learn from watching your pet's body language.

Does your dog...

Wag his tail while relating to you?
Jump on you as a greeting?
Look at you fondly while resting?
Lean on you?
Constantly touch you by leaning or with a paw?
Usually rest near or touching you.
Follow you room to room?
Put his head under your hand, asking for touch?
Protect you?
Lick you?
Paw at you?
Play bow (front paws down, rump up.)
Check in with you often when off leash
Retrieve for you?
Destroy your things, housesoil, or bark when you're gone?
Seem to be obsessed about being with you?

If your dog does any of the behaviors he or she is communicating the body language of love!    Learn more in the Media Center.

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