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How to Become a Leader
"Do's and Don'ts"

Adapted from "Canine Good Citizen"
Published by Howell Book House, 1999

Do Don't
1) Eat before you feed your dog. 1) Feed your dog first.
2) Restrict access to your bedrooms and furniture. 2) Let your dog sleep in or on your bed.
3) Take the shortest route to destinations and make the dog move out of your way. 3) Let your dog restrict your access to anything in the house or take up residence in doorway. Teach, "MOVE."
4) Proceed first through narrow passages. 4) Let your dog bound out ahead of you.
5) Run in the opposite direction if your dog "takes off" on a walk. 5) Chase your dog yelling, "COME!"
6) Take your dog's prey (stolen articles or food) away from him. Teach, "DROP." 6) Allow your dog to keep or play with toys after tug-of-war games are done.
7) Call your dog to you to earn affection. 7) Give your dog lots of "free" affection.
8) Ignore or discourage pawing, nudging, and whining. 8) Give attention when your dog demands it
10) Ignore your dog the first thing in the morning, when you get home, or when you come in the house. 10) Make a large fuss when you leave, arrive, and whenever he demands that you do so
11) Restrict his movements and teach relaxation with the long down-stay" exercise. 11) Give more than one Instruction or give up on training session before getting a positive response.
12) Make sure you initiate games with your dog, win, and end up with the prize (toy). 12) Play games, especially tug-of-war, if you can't win, or give in to the dog as a way of saying, "the game is over."
13) Reward your dog for completing and doing an exercise well. 13) Give cues, or any Instruction if you are not prepared to insist on it.

Published: Off Lead Magazine April, 2000

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