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What is AnimalBehavior.Net (ABN) ?

ABN is a Network of families, pet professionals, and veterinary practices with a shared goal to improve the relationships between people and pets.

ABN does not compete with any other pet professional or service. Instead, ABN is designed to support the success of veterinary hospitals, pet professionals, trainers pet parents and pets.

AnimalBehavior.Net supports the success of pet parents, trainers, pet professionals, and veterinary practices by offering a "Self-Help" form of education that allows pet parents and professionals to learn at their own pace according to their personal interest and pet needs. The Network serves
Veterinary Practice, Pet Professional, and Family participants by providing Pet Behavior ECourses, EBooks and Online Library Education.

AnimalBehavior.Net coordinates pet behavior education for families with veterinary practices and pet professionals to improve the love relationship between people and pets. 

Family members may enroll a family dog or cat into the Positive Pet Parenting graphic rich, "bite size" learning for busy people. From the convenience of home, the whole family will enjoy learning about AAHA Veterinary Behavior Standards, Veterinary Visit Tips, Behavior Services  and gain one year of insights into pet behavior and training.

Weekly Positive Pet Parenting emails contain easy links to the online Library of
1 - 3 page topics, videos, and self-study power point presentations. They can be read online or  printed for enjoyable bedtime reading. 

When families understand their pets' behavior, they are more satisfied with their pets and find it easier to modify their unwanted behaviors.


Pet Behavior History Analysis
Veterinarians may consult with ABN regarding a client who has completed a Pet Behavior History Analysis at no additional charge. Veterinarians wanting their clients to benefit from this service or seeking more information, may call 1-800-372-3706 for more information.

Families struggling with unwanted pet behaviors may involve their veterinarian in a consulting relationship with AnimalBehavior.Net at no charge to the practice. 

This is called Veterinary Consulting Participation.Pet Behavior History Analysis gives recommendations to the pet's veterinarian. The pet's veterinarian stays in charge of the behavior case.

A veterinary behavior consultant supports trainers and veterinarians by coordinating pet behavior training.

Pet Behavior History Analysis

1.  an analysis of the pets motivations for the undesirable behaviors
2.  how easy or difficult
it will be to improve the pet's behavior

3.  how much time it will take with the pet to reach the goals
4.  recommended services from the pet's veterinarian
to correct or rule out any medical causes behind the pet's behavior
5.  recommended services from a qualified trainer
which may include participation in a qualified puppy kindergarten, dog training class, or private training.
6.  a fee estimate
for recommended services
7.  a customized recommendation for an ABN Behavior Modification Program that includes structured client follow-up by phone and email to set clients and pets up for success. 

Behavior Education includes weekly Positive Pet Parenting email lessons, an annual Login Library Pass of animal behavior topics, videos, self-guided learning programs, and Dr. Rolan Tripp's power point presentations.

The Pet Behavior History Analysis supports the pet's veterinarian in providing pet behavior medicine. The report to the veterinarian provides a comprehensive pet behavior profile, a prognosis for improvement, and an overview of a recommended plan that involves the pet, family, veterinary practice, and trainers, as needed. The goal is to guide pet parents step-by-step at home on how to restore a positive, loving, problem-free pet relationship. 

Click here to learn the steps to begin a Pet Behavior History Analysis

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