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Rolan Tripp, DVM

About Rolan Tripp, DVM, CABC
Founder of AnimalBehavior.Net, Author, Speaker, Sydicated Columnist, Radio Show and Animal Planet guest.

Susan Tripp, BA, MS

About Susan Tripp, BA, MS
Education Director, Practice Consultant,
Author, Speaker, Pet Behavior Syndicated Columnist, CA Lifetime Teaching Credential


Tara Lang, BS, RVT

About Tara Lang BS, RVT
Veterinary Behavior Technician (VBT),
Owner, Case Manager and VBT Provider for ABN
Founder & Owner of Critter Communications, LLC
Author & International

1-800-372-3706 Ext. 88


Kristen White, CVT

About Kristen White, CVT
Veterinary Behavior Technician (VBT)
Services Director, Team Supervisor
Practice Manager
Veterinary Technician Cover, April 2008

1-800-372-3706 Ext 87


Krista Dreckmann

Krista Dreckmann
Communications Director

For Appointments
1-800-372-3706 Ext 89



Jerry King - Cartoonist for ABN and PPPSL Pet Parenting Education

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