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- Free Community Seminar  -

To Do Checklist

 Things to be done the first time

Date Completed

1.      Complete Team Education Checklists 1 through 10.

2.     Review seminar conceptsRead and review this page and the links on the left side.  

3.      Read  Ideal Puppy Curriculum Quiz


4.      Put together your Seminar Notes via the following curriculum.  Practice giving seminar to your family and local services clubs, school groups, boy/girl scouts


4.      From the Yellow pages: Make a list of contact people (i.e. breeders, pet stores, local radio stations, television, and paper) for the fax and the phone.  Use the example of Press Release Fax Network


Seminar preparation checklist

Date Completed

1.      Call people on the Press Fax contact - did they receive your fax?


2.      View the Sample Community Seminar Press Release and email similar format with your information to local newspapers.




4.     View and create a Direct Mail Marketing Page for Puppy Owners to mail or handout.


5.      With the computer eligibility list [1] , printed, make a list of puppies you will call for a seminar reminder


6.      Call these families using the Script for calling puppy parents or Sample Behavior Seminar Phone Script


The night of the Seminar

Date Completed

1.      Set up chairs or rows of dog food bags as seats in the designated area.


2.      Consider using a flipchart or a power point presentation with bullets of the seminar to keep you on track.


3.      Have clipboards and pens ready with the Class Enrollment Forms to the IdealPuppy™ Class for the end of the seminar (if offered)


4.      Have a demo. dog ready to demonstrate the exercises taught in class


5.      Leave time for questions.  Read preparation materials in library.


6.      If possible, have an assistant to help collect enrollments while you answer questions


[1] The Eligibility List is a report generated by the computer at your hospital.  Select all puppies between the ages of 8 and 20 weeks that have not been in since the last seminar.  You may have to contact customer service for your hospital software to find out how to generate reports.

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