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- Adding Behavior Services -

Community Seminar
"How to Raise An Ideal Dog!"


What is the IdealDog™ Program?

       Behavior Seminar
  Puppy Parties
  Puppy Socialization Classes
  Puppy Daycare
  Positive Dog Parenting email lessons
  Error-Free Puppy Raising email lessons
  ABN Online Library of Topics
  AKC Canine Good Citizen (Discount)

Why start with young puppies?

        Brain is most ready to learn before 12 wseeks of age
   Prevention is easier than correction
   Play is a strong motivator (reward for learning)

Basics of Canine Communication

        Body Language – How to read your puppy.
   How your puppy reads you.
   Leadership – “Learn to Earn” method
   Voice tone used for cues (commands)
   Use dog’s name before any verbal cue

Reward-Based Training (Three ways to use food treats

      1) Lure 
2) Reward 
3) Remind

        Rewards are not just food, but anything they want: petting, play, toys
Instruct – not punish! (Interrupt, Re-direct, Praise
   Cannot teach puppy about an event that happened 5 seconds ago
   Ask yourself, “If that was wrong, what is right?”  Hint: SIT or CHEW.
   Gentle Leader is recommended for active and strong willed dogs
   Misunderstood punishment damages the bond
   What to do with that rolled up newspaper

Preventing Aggression

        Socialization and Gentling
   Tug of War Rules
   Puppy Biting


Preventing Fearfulness

        Don’t reward fear unintentional
   Can puppy “Tag along” ?
  Jolly Routine = “Emotional Leadership”


If you can’t supervise, “Contented Confinement”

  • Portable Kennel

  • Close tether

  • Enclosed space

        Be proactive, give supervised “potty breaks”
   Use a command e.g. “Get Busy” then PRAISE!

Household Manners
        Greetings – SIT for greeting people
        Furniture – Family decision, on or off?
        Barking – Allowed, until the QUIET command
 Chewing – Provide plenty of appropriate chew toys
        Walk on leash without pulling – Gentle Leader
        Close Tethering If Unruly

Elimination Training

Chew Training

Coming For Routine Vet Hospital Visits

  •         Bring treats, a fecal in a bag, and not eaten in 6+ hours

  •         Puppy class makes the hospital a fun place to go

  •         Daycare makes the hospital a fun place to go

Bringing Your Dog to Class

  •         Bring Treats:  High in taste, small in size

  •         Health requirements

  • Owned pet at least 10 days

    • Vet exam

    • DHLPP vaccine (at least one)

    • Neg. Fecal

    • Monthly Flea Tx

  •         Nylon or leather collar, I.D. tags, leash (no choke chains)

  •         Puppies: Walk and let eliminate before class


  •         Introduction to COME, SIT, OFF




  • Seminar

  • Puppy Parties

  • Puppy Socialization Classes

  • Error-Free Puppy Raising Tips (by email)

  • Daycare

  • ABN Online Topics, Videos, Lectures

  • DaySchool

  • In-Home visits

  • Canine Good Citizen


  • Interupt misbehavior IN the act - no Scolding!

  • Focus on teaching good behaviors

  • Use positive leadership

  • How to teach one word to mean on thing

  • Off not Down, Wait not Stay

  • Teaching Puppies the "Listening Position" for class


  • No bad habits to overcome

  • Play is a Motivator

  • Brain Development Stages

  • Re: Preventing Unwanted aggression…

  • Remove Food and Toys from Pad

  • Dogs, Gentling

  • People, Tug of War

  • Children, Puppy Biting


  • Please turn off answering machine

  • Remove counter Sales Materials next to Poster Pad

  • Please remove vocalizing dogs
    Remove Lab Box and Replace when done.
    Move Poster Pad to far left under TV
    Light from low to remove Top Heavy shadows


  • Learn to use manual focus. Stay centered on speaker, not speaker, pad UNLESS pointing at the pad, then look at the pad, then back to the speaker

Now you're ready to start on Phase II of the Behavior Seminar

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