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The Puppy Place!  Puppy Class Curriculum for 8 - 16 Week Old Pups  

Week 1 - Free Community Seminar  Week 2 - 6 - Curriculum Watch Video - Off Leash Positive Methods

Work on everything presented for at least 5 minutes per day for the rest of the dog’s life.

Health Requirements: Veterinary Exam, DHLPP, Neg. Fecal, Flea Control (Bordetella as rec: by DVM)

Class Structure

  1. Puppy Party (10 min) - socialization to other dogs
  2. Lessons (20 min
  3. ) - learn new vocabulary and practice all previous lessons: come, sit, down, heel, watch, off, wait, stay, heel, off. Instructions
  4. Gentling (15 min) - pass the puppy socialization and gentling exercises.
  5. Homework, Questions (10 min)
    Product Demo. (
    recommended products)  and questions and answers with puppy's in "listening position" (sitting in front of pet parents).

Puppy Class Rules

Puppies sit before going through door to enter and leave puppy classes.

Topics: house training, kennel training, close tethering, puppy biting, learn to earn, chewing, positive play, nail trims, food puzzles, gentle leaders, jumping up, pulling on leash, excessive vocalization, destruction, preventing unwanted behaviors.

Puppy Class Goals

  • to socialize the puppy to people, things and other dogs.

  • to take behaviors that dogs do anyway, (like sitting, coming and laying down) and teach the dog to do these behaviors on cue. 

  • to teach basic manners necessary to be an ideal indoor dog and best friend.

  • to actively look for and praise desired behaviors like laying quietly and gentle play.

    (Most people mistakenly ignore these, and only give attention when something is wrong.  This is why most puppies think their name is “NO

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