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Photo and Video Release

I am signing and agreeing for myself and all others who might be in photos with me and my pet.


It is understood that any photos or videotaping [1] of my pet is with my permission, and I will not make any claims against use on website to assist others in learning about animal behavior and training methods for family pets.


I am giving permission for my image, likeness, voice and any other media to be captured.


I understand this photo or video may be used by others purchasing rights to the website, www.AnimalBehavior.Net , and hereby give up any ownership, copyright, or other claim to these photos or videos of me, my pet, and associates.



Signed Pet Parent:                                                                                                  



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PET NAME:                                                         





[1] Business Members - please refer to the Proprietary Materials Agreement prior to any photos or videotaping.


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