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 Developing A Press Release - Fax Network

The goals of this form are to identify a list of local pet-related services or businesses who might like to send employees or customers to the seminar; and to boost the reputation of the practice in the community. For example:  pet stores, groomers, pet boarding facilities, and animal shelters.

MOST important are any local newspapers or radio stations that have community calendars listing events coming up in the community. Newspapers and radio stations may or may not use the press release depending on the amount of space or time available that month for press releases. Use the local Yellow Pages, plus other sources to identify prospects.  Just call and ask to speak to the person in charge, and then say something like this:

Outreach to local Pet Professionals Phone Script

“Hi, this is                          calling from                           . We are offering a free community seminar on "How to Raise an Ideal Dog" and are calling to invite you. If you would like, we can put you on our free fax notification service, and fax you a notice that you can copy or post in your establishment.  Would you like to add your fax number to our list?”  “Please give me the correct spelling of your name. What is your fax number?”


When the community seminar date is set, use the Fax Template for the Press Release.  Download it, change the dates and time and anything else desired, then fax it to everyone on the fax list.  Newspapers fax one copy 3 weeks in advance.  Pet stores fax weekly starting 3 weeks before the seminar. 

Company Contact Person Voice Phone Fax Phone

Press Release format - send 2 weeks and again 1 week prior to your event.

Community News

For Immediate Release
September 1, 2010 

How to Raise an Ideal Dog

La Mirada, CA....On Monday, September 15, the La Mirada Animal Hospital located at 13730 Rosecrans Avenue, will host a free seminar on how to raise a happy, relaxed, loving, well-behaved indoor family dog. The seminar will include a demonstration of off leash obedience training.

The seminar is open to the public and will address how dogs think and learn. Although the information is most helpful for new puppy owners, every dog owner will enjoy the fascinating new perspective on the canine mind. Because the learning is intended for people, it is requested to leave dogs at home.

Questions and answers will address the most common behavior complaints that result in dogs being surrendered to shelters, such as housesoiling, puppy biting, and destructive chewing.

Participants will learn how to increase their dog’s love and obedience more than ever expected.  Training methods presented are gentle and easy for the whole family to learn and are veterinary approved. Space is limited. Call 562-921-3539 to reserve your place today.

For more information, contact speaker Susan Tripp at 562-921-3529.

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