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Recommend the
Pet Behavior History Analysis to your client
for pet fearfulness, aggression, separation anxiety, and any other problem putting the pet at risk for neglect, abuse or abandonment.


Becoming Pet-Centered Professionals

Puppy Program - Getting Organized

IdealPuppy™ Programs consist of Community Behavior Seminars, Puppy Off Leash Socialization Classes, and/or Puppy DayCare. These are some of the questions that you will need to answer to organize your IdealPuppy™ Program.
  1. Phone number for clients to call to enroll                                                             
  1. Where do you want to hold the

    Behavior Seminar    

           Puppy Classes                        

  1. When do you want to hold the

    Behavior Seminar Days                                    Time

          Puppy Classes      Days                      Time       

  1. Who will be collecting phone numbers and e-mail addresses of puppy owners for Behavior Seminars, (e.g. techs, receptionists, Drs, everyone)?

  1. Who will data enter email addresses for Pet Parenting ECourse?

  1. Who will be doing puppy owner reminder calls 24 hours before the Seminar?

  1. Who will be the instructor for:

    Free Community Seminar           

           Puppy Socialization Classes

  1. Where will you keep sign-up forms for:

    Behavior Seminar

           Puppy Classes                                                   

  1. How often do you want to hold the Behavior Seminar?     
  1. What days will you offer DayCare?

        Pick-up time Drop-off time

  1. Are there any other health requirements [1] that your hospital will require outside of what  ABN curriculum recommends?

  1. Will you include ONE free day of Puppy DayCare with enrollment in Puppy Class?
    q Yes   q No
  1. If offering some combination of services at a package price, (e.g. Puppy Class + IdealDog™ + 5 days of DayCare) please describe the services included


           What will you call this package?         

            Package price?         

            Computer code for invoicing?     

  1. What will the code in the hospital computer be for:

     Puppy Classes                                                                                            


  1. What will you charge for:

     Puppy Classes


  1. Other:

After this form has been completed please FAX to ABN [2]

Hospital Name

Who completed form?        

Email address for that person? ____________________________________________

[1] Health Requirements: Physical exam by DVM with permission to attend class. Current on vaccines; Dewormed; Negative Fecal Exam; Approved monthly flea control

[2] 1-800-372-3706 Ext 87 Kristen White, BS, RVT.  If requested ABN will make suggestions.

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