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Aggression - Puppy
Inappropriate Elimination
Separation Anxiety,
Diagnosis & Treatment

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Power Points
Inappropriate Elimination
Aggression Diagnosis
Aggression Treatment
Body Language
Day Care as a Vet Service
Elimination Online Course
In-Patient Barking Protocol
Basic Behavior Counseling
Separation Anxiety
Puppy Gentling - Live Demo
Puppy Selection, Elimination, and Puppy Biting
Veterinary Services

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Sample Dog Behavior Topics

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*Note topics beginning with "Pet" pertain to BOTH Canine and Feline.

Behavioral Aspects of Postnatal Care
Behavior Medication Basics
Behaviorist or Trainer Questionnaire
Body Language of Love
Aggression Related to Food
Aggression-Sibling Rivalry - Q&A
Aggression-Toward Family Members - Q&A
Aggression-Toward Unfamiliar Dogs - Q&A
Aggression-Diagnosing and Treating - Q&A
Aggression Toward Cats
Aggression Toward Guests in House
Barking - Q&A
Barking in the Vet's Lobby
Barking Interruption Menu
Basic Training Principles
Behavior - General Principles
Biting People
Border Collie Learns 200 Words
Chasing and Biting Cats
Close Tether Training
Come Command
Commands Sit-Down-Stay-Heel
Coprophagia - Q&A
Destructive Chewing
Destructive Digging
Destructive Digging - Q&A
Dog Bed - Take Over As Leader
Doggie Daycare Checklist
Status Aggression
Door Dashing
Eating Feces - Coprophagia
Eating or Rolling in Foul Stuff
Elimination Training - Basics
Elimination Training Resistant Dogs
Excitable Personality
Fearfulness and Anxiety
Cat Peace Process
Firework / Thunderstorm Phobias Q&A
Firework and Thunderstorm Treatment
Food Possessive Aggression
Gentle Grooming
Gentling- Building Trust and Leadership
Hand Feeding
Head Halters
Collar Types - Q&A
Housemate Fighting
Housesoiling - Q&A
Hyperactivity - Q&A
Instructive Praise
Jolly Routine
Jumping Up On People
Kennel Training Step By Step
Kennel Training - 1 page
Leadership Dos and Don'ts
Leash Training
Lessons On Life From A Dog
Letter to Neighbor with Barking Dog
Licking People
Meeting New Dogs
Meeting New People
Muzzle as a Cookie Mask
Muzzle Training- Q&A
Neutering - Q&A
On Furniture
Paper Training
Play and Exercise - Q&A
Preventing Aggression To Children
Preventive Behavior Counseling
Portable Kennel Training - Q&A
Pulling, Chasing, Jumping - Q&A
Punishment - Q&A
Separation Anxiety Treatment
Separation Anxiety
Separation Anxiety - Q&A
Stealing and the GIVE Command
Submissive Urination
Teaching Deaf Dogs
Top Ten Mistakes Made by Dog Owners
Tug of War Game

All Pets

Aloof or Independent
Aggression Territorial - Q&A
Aggression Primer - Q&A
Air Travel
Attention Seeking
Behavior Books and Resources
Behavior Diagnosis - Q&A
Behavior Medication Basics
Behavior Modification Techniques - Q&A
Behavior Problems of Older - Q&A
Behavior Products - Q&A
Behavioral Drug Therapy - Q&A
Behavioral Aspects of Postnatal Care
Behaviorist or Trainer Questionnaire
Behind Closed Doors
Body Language of Love
Cookie Toss
Fears and Phobias Toward Animals and People- Q&A
Fears and Phobias Toward Noises and Places- Q&A
Fears - Generalized Phobias and Anxieties- Q&A
Food Puzzles for Boarding Kennels -Tripp
Food Puzzles - Becker
Forbidden Areas
GI Side Effects While On Behavioral Medication
Hand Feeding
Indications To Do A Workup
Introducing to Babies and Children - Q&A
Invisible Dog or Cat
Learning and Reinforcement
May Prevent Asthma
Nail Trims

Pets and Children - Q&A
Pets May Prevent Asthma

Pets Who Grieve
Safe Air Travel by Kennel
Selection Guidelines - Q&A

Understanding Blood Work
Veterinary Visits

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