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Error-Free Puppy Raising™ Tips
by Rolan Tripp, DVM and Susan Tripp, MS

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Table of Contents
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Error-Free Puppy Raising Tips

Let The Games Begin!
Garbage In - Garbage Out
No Physical Punishment
Unintentional Lessons
Wet Clay
The First Hours at Home with a New Puppy
Why Train With Food?
Little Dogs – Big Egos
Say It Once
Develop A Praise Scale
Haste Makes Waste
Sample Schedule
Size Matters
Learn to Earn Everything
Say, “Please!”
Teaching Puppy to “Come” for Dinner
Teaching Puppy to “Sit”
Teach NOT Preach or Punish
Prevention is the Key!
Bright Not Spite
Whose Toy Is It?
Learn to Discern
Who is telling who what to do?
Trust is a Must!
Early Socialization When It Counts
Canine NOT Human
Indoor Dogs
Feedback – The Breakfast of Champions
The Sweetest Sound on Earth
Silence is Golden
Click and Learn
Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Children and Dogs
Protect Your Investment
Truth or Consequences
Humans Before Canines
Teach “Inside” and “Outside”
Wait Here – I’ll Be Back
Timing is Everything!
Let’s Make Up
Decay the fear
Time Out!
Don’t Use Aggression To Decrease Aggression
Praise Behaviors You Want
Powerful Friendly Cookie Givers!
What’s The Password? Stress Management
Extinction Burst
Honey Not Vinegar
He Who Owns the Gold, Makes the Rules
Signs of Canine Stress
Tag Along Dog™
Take Your Dog on Field Trips
Humans Eat First!
Practicing Down-Stay
Making the Moves on the Dog!
Gentling the Canine Mind and Body
The Secret of Suspension
Reward Relaxed Muscle Tone with Freedom
Whoa Nelly!
Let’s Go!
Easy Does It!
Don’t Worry - Act Jolly!
The Interpreter
On Your Mat, Matey!
Trading Up
Rub-a-dub-dub - Bath time!
Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs – Puppy Frenzy
Teenagers! Stay the Course
It’s Not Age But Maturity That Counts

Puppy Developmental Stages

Staying Warm
Not Soiling the Nest
Hooking Up The Senses
Perfect Time To Learn
Developing Balance

Early Puppy Socialization – Timing is Everything!

Build Confidence
Show No Fear
The Aloof Pet
Bonding With A Pet
Umbilical Cording
Zen Body Posture
Puppy Socialization To Do List
Strengthening the Bond

Puppy Parties

Why Host A Puppy Party?
Puppy Bullies
You Are Invited…
Pass the Puppy,” Party Game
Tips For A Successful Party
Jolly Routine
Puppy Socialization Classes

Gentling Exercises

At Ease
Suspension – Alley-oop!
Cradle - Rock-a-bye Puppy
Stroke - Leadership Petting
Swedish Massage
Range of Motion
Hold Still
Friendly, Gentle Adult Dog
Play Veterinarian – Regular Check-ups
The Panic Button
What Just Happened?
Developing A Friendly Personality
Signs Of Fear and Anxiety
Signs of Relaxation
Teaching Relaxation
Confidence Building
Measuring Stress
Where’s My Lollipop?
Positive Stress
Rank and Serial Number
Straight Jacket Anyone?
Stress Defined

Housetraining Your Canine

Where’s The Puppy Potty?
Contented Confinement
On Leash Indoors
An Indoor Dog House
Make It Comfy
Time Management
Freedom Is Not Free
Positive Chewing
Catch The Puppy Doing Something Right
Instruct Without Damaging The Relationship
Canine Social Status

How To Respond To Puppy Biting

Puppy Exploration Biting (Mouthing)
Bite Inhibition
Redirecting Biting Behavior
Playful Nips
Play Bite Escalation
The Whimper Response
Teaching An Inhibited Bite In Stages
Puppy Serious Aggressive Biting
Don’t Treat Aggression With Aggression
Puppy Serious Fearful Biting
Teaching Bravery
Stand Down But Stand Your Ground
A Tool Belt of Acceptable Responses to Puppy Biting
Paper Mache Skin

How Stress Influences Dog Behavior

Sources of Canine Stress
Comparing How Canines Release Their Stress To Human Behavior
Canine Stress Relief

The Importance Of Play

Puppy Play
Companion Canine Play Compared to Wolf Play
Aggressive Play
Dog Play Body Language
Rules Of Fair Canine – Human Play
Safe Games To Play With Your Dog

Canine Fun and Games

It’s A Salary Not A Bribe
Variety is the Spice of Life
Red Light – Green Light
This-A-Way, That-A-Way – Follow The Leader!
Tennis Anyone?
Psyche! Prevent Door Dashing
Ping Pong Puppy – Come When Called
Four Feet on the Ground - Greetings
Teaching Fetch Step-by-Step
Tunnel Vision - Teaching Puppy To Ignore Distractions
At Ease - Teaching Puppy To Settle From A State of Arousal
Home Run – Teaching Puppy to “Go Home”
“Soldier” – Teaching Puppy to Crawl
Puppy Push Ups
“Bang” – Teaching Puppy to Play Dead
“Sit Pretty” – Teaching Puppy to Sit Up
“Twirl” (or Hula) Teaching Puppy to Circle on Hind Legs
“Flap Jacks” – Roll Back and Forth (Left Side to Right Side)
Teaching Puppy to Back “Off”
“Vacuum” – Eat the Food on a Floor
“Take It” (or Take)
“Drop it” (or Drop)
“Go To Mom”
“Keep Away”
“Shaping Behaviors – A Little Click Will Do It!“
Warmer, Colder
“Find Johnny!”
“Find Keys!”
“Get Your Bone” (or Get Your Sheep or Squeaky)
Learn to Discern
“High Five”
“On and Off”
“Say Hi”
“Kiss Kiss”
Ring The Dinner Bell
“Bark” (Speak, Sic’ Um)
Shimmy (Dry or Shiver)
Hide (Pray)
Gonna Get You! (Chase)
Challenging Pet Behaviors

Dogs With Good Manners
Sad Statistics
Preventing Canine Aggression Toward Children
Classifications of Canine Aggression
Canine Fearfulness and Anxiety

What Is It? for all correct responses for all correct responses
What Causes It?
Who Does It?
When Does It Happen?

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