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New Audio-Visual Courses
Pet-Centered Practice - Level Two
Presenter Modules
00 How to Use New Presenter Modules
01 The Importance of Puppy Socialization
02 Preventing Veterinary Phobia Overview
03 In Hospital Cookie Protocol
04 Injection Distraction Techniques
05 Examples of Clinical Behavior Medicine
06 Gentling Techniques for Pets - no narration

Audio Courses
Positive Human Leadership
01 Invisible Dog Technique
02 Learn to Earn - Attention
03 Learn to Earn - Greetings
04 Learn to Earn - Food
05 Learn to Earn - Raise the Bar
06 Contented Confinement
07 Canine Close Tethering
08 Need to Know

New Alphabetical List
Audio Courses

Behavioral Alternative to Cat Declawing
Behavioral Diary

Behavior Meds - Potential Side Effects
Behavior Meds - Human Body Language
Behavior Meds - Using Placebos for Cats

Canine Body Language
Canine Chew Toys
Canine Drag Line

Canine Head Halter Use
Canine Jolly Routine
Canine Leash Aggression
Contingent Cue - Reintroducing Housemate Cats
Determining Existing Heirarchy Between Household Dogs
Mass Effect Strategy
Next Step Contact VBT (Technician)
Tricky Dog Meeting a New Dog
Zen Body Posture


Gentling a Boxer Puppy

Gentling a sleepy dog
Kitten Gentling
Teaching Puppy Push-ups Video

Veterinary Practice
Introducing Behavior Services
In Hospital Cookie Protocol
In Patient Barking Protocol
Injection Distraction Techniques
Examples of Clinical Behavior Medicine

Feline Body Language Basics

No Narration Presentations

Aggression Diagnosis
Aggression Treatment Overview
Canine Reward Based Elimination Training

Gentle Leader Fitting and Introduction


Body Language

Veterinary Practice
Staff Internal Behavior Protocols
Why Offer Behavior Services and Education?

More Videos

Dr. Tripp's Staff Training Segments
"How to Introduce Behavior Services into Small Animal Practice"

View Dr. Tripp's Television Segments from Animal Planet's "Petsburgh, USA" and
"Good Dog U"

View Wayne Hunthausen
"Puppy distraction during exam and vaccination"

View Janet Velenovsky
How to fit a Gentle Leader Easy-Walk Harness

View Videos ABRI Online
These videos are made possible by the generous volunteer support of expert presenters associated with Dr. R.K. Anderson, founder and chairman emeritus of the Animal Behavior Resources Institute.

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