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Welcome Pet Parents

Why not buy a behavior book?

A book may offer a page or two answer to your pet behavior question but you have bought the whole book! 

People learn in different ways. 

Some people prefer to take a minute to scan a quick summary. You may decide to watch a five minute video or power point presentation by Dr. Tripp to learn more about why your pet acts in certain ways.

Weekly lessons teach you basic dog and cat behavior, to see the world through the eyes of your pets.

Content is kept current in the Animal Behavior Network online library team through ongoing study and attendance at annual lectures by reputable authorities such as the  American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and International Behavior Societies.

We continually pulls from this current, reputable content and selects the most practical information for pet parents.

What if I can't find the help in the Library?

Anyone enrolled in an Animal Behavior Network Course or program may email or call a Veterinary Behavior Technician 1 - 800- 372- 3706 to guide them to helpful information and to explain the concepts presented in the online library.

Veterinarians may request a behavior consult for their clients. 

Veterinary practices wanting to offer clients and staff behavior education and resources - standardize behavior education by choosing Dr. Rolan Tripp to be an Affiliate of their practice. Clients are enrolled in one year Pet Behavior Courses with weekly Positive Pet Parenting
email lessons.

One page insights rich in color graphics explain normal animal behavior and how to help pets adjust to a human household.

The online Animal Behavior Network Library offers current information presented by world authorities in animal behavior.

What if my veterinarian doesn't offer behavior consults?

Anyone can enroll and learn on their own, or with guidance from a Veterinary Behavior Technician.  Enroll now in a 30 day Risk Free Trial!  Just click below to get started.




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