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It's hard to select which testimonials to share as we are fond of all positive comments made about ABN behavior education and memberships. Here are our some recent comments and a few favorites from every year since we began offering services.

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Inez Koo

Jill Corley

Positive Pet Parenting™ Email Tips


    Thank you for asking, and yes! The emails especially have been a great help. Even just days after receiving them I noticed a difference. The real test though, was the vet appointment our puppy had just 3 weeks after we started getting the emails. He did 100x better! That was where we were having the most trouble with him. He'd get scared even just pulling into the parking lot at petsmart. But he is doing much better now. Thank you so much, --Kelly Baldwin (Kujo's mom)


The information you've sent is very useful.  I am impressed that almost every time you send info regarding problems it's something that our dog is developmentally dealing with (and therefore us as well).  Your services is very adroit, helpful, and informative.



The website has been a wonderful tool for us.  Macie is a wonderful puppy.  She is learning so much without the need to use force or yelling at her.  I have had trouble with other dogs before, because I didn’t know how to train them properly.  With the advice from the website, I have been able to train Macie very easily.  Thank you for all your efforts and support.
Michelle James


I have found the emails to be extremely helpful with raising joely. She is very smart, and at times hard to train. It is so nice to have so much advice readily available. I have not had time to search the library, but I do make time each day to read the literature you have sent. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Anna Bratsch

I have received the e-mails and have found them very helpful. The library is so comprehensive I have found an answer to all of my questions.

The information you have made available has helped my 2 older cats accept the new kitten without a lot of trauma. Thank you for an excellent resource.




Thank you so very much for writing. My wife and I have learned so much from the daily information sheets, and we are enjoying
our two kitties more than we ever thought. The tips are really beneficial. We are grateful that the people from Lakeside Veterinary
Hospital provided us with this offer and information.


Charles and Sandra Carroll

Thank you. The help has been much appreciated and Wrigley's
behavior has improved already. He is finally walking on the
leash, not pulling!

Thanks for the help.

Paul Garvey

Good morning Kristen,

Thank you for your email !!!  We have found all the information EXTREMELY HELPFUL.  We would recommend the network. The network is a wonderful resource.  Please let our clinic know that we do appreciate the information and we are VERY impressed with the follow up emails from YOU !!!

Thanks so much!

Lisa Ingaglio and Family

I think the updates and information that I've been receiving is very helpful.  I look forward to receiving the e-mails with different topics discussed and it has helped us in the training process!  I would recommend that every new dog owner sign up to receive these updates.


From: "DisneyGang"
Kristen White
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 14:21:13 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Subject: Re: Are you finding everything in the ABN Library for Cinder?

Yes, I am finding what I want to research.  I am very impressed with your site. Thank you very much.

Marge & The Disney Gang, Angel "DUCK" on our shoulder, "Timmy" at the Bridge

THERAPY DOGS INC.-"Loving Paws, Pawsome Hug  & Furry Kisses

NAME : meredith frost
PETNAME : Maisy age 11 weeks
DATE:  Fri, 8 Feb 2008

COMMENTS : I follow your information and take it very seriously. Maisy is a
delight and is learning so fast. I feel so much more at ease training her with
your help. Whenever I wonder what to do next I get an e-mail that solves the dilemna.
A hundred thanks from my husband and Maisy and myself.
We are doing a great job and it feels great!

Sincerely, Meredith Frost
Thanks to Casselton Vet Service for supplying us with your help.

So far your tips have been very helpfull.  Many of the tips you have gave me have helped me and my wife train our little boy.  All the tips have worked, and many of them are different that what I thought before, so the value has been great.  He is doing good, he is great in every way.


Hey there Tara, 

I love my tips and really had help with the training on going from paper to outside.  My little shih-tzu is ruling the roost and forcing my older shih-tzu to sit up and fly right!  I love it.  I'm the Office Manager at the Corydon Animal Hospital and I want to add the clients words of praise as well.  They look forward to getting their parenting tips and talk @ them as they are in for the puppy series!  Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Dana

Dear Tara - The Animal Behavior Network has been a godsend for me.  I haven't had a puppy in a long time and I need all the help that I can get.  Bear and I are doing pretty well.  We are learning together and it's tons of fun.  GBY, Becky

Hi Tara,

I'm really enjoying the information and am finding everything that I need.  I recently logged in to the library and could not believe the amount of topics offered.  I'm hoping to spend a lot more time reading various articles.  So far, Jesse has been chewing and biting a lot (mainly her brothers' ears and tails), but I bought her two great teething rings and her own puppy kong (information which I found on your site) and they have helped tremendously. 

Thanks again for checking in with me!


Yes, thank you.   The parenting tips are very helpful!!    And little Willie Tucker is doing fine as we try to practice the info we learn.   He has brought such love and life into our home (as we cope with my husband's chemo for lung cancer) that we appreciate him more every day!

Thank you for your help!      Ruby O.

Dear Tara,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner!

I have to admit that I love the website and the materials.  There is so much information available it’s incredible.  I just wish I had known about this site BEFORE we got Ellie.  She is having a behavior issue I would like help with ...

Thanks again for everything!

Carol Bredemann

Pet Behavior History Analysis™(...More)

Watch a Video Testimonial from Kathy Herren and Red!

To:  Rolan Tripp
Date:  Mon, 22 May 2006 16:47:12 -0700
Subject: RE: Satisfaction with service

Dear Dr. Tripp,

Thank you for your note, and for the excellent service that you and your staff provided with the PetEthogram and the follow up notes.  I can only provide positive feedback regarding the professional nature of your work and the way that your staff has worked with us. We regard your work as first rate, and would refer to you without hesitation. 

-Gary Schiller  -

ABN is proud of our 100% Client Satisfaction Rate

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