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From: Jill Corley
To:  Lori Brandt
cc:  kristenw @
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 20:11:35 -0400
Subject: Behavior Tech request for reference
Hello Lori,
Kristen asked me if I would email you to let you know how my dog, Duke, is doing since we've began the program.
He is doing WONDERFULLY well!  He has a history of separation anxiety that had been totally under control for 3 years.  Then in July he had a major setback that caused secondary panic attacks.  The first panic attack caused him jump out of our living room window (dropping about 15 feet).  When my husband came home he found Duke in the yard.  He was ok physically, but he was a mental basket case.  We went a couple of very stressful weeks trying to rid him of the anxiety. 
In the middle of August, Duke had his second major panic attack and his second trip to our vet.  We had a follow up appointment a few days later at which time our vet set us up with Dr. Tripp and his team.
They are truly amazing and wonderful to work with.  We have followed the program and Duke is 98% his "old self".  He still has some minor issues we are working to control, but those issues went from scale 10 (worst) to a 2 in just a few short weeks.
I have been in close contact with Kristen about challenges we've faced and training that wasn't quite working for Duke.  She and the team came up with alternatives that worked for us on an individual basis. 
When I had my interview with Dr. Tripp I wasn't thrilled with the technique of "close tethering".  However, once it was explained and I began to use it I WAS AMAZED!  It worked so well for Duke that it just floored me.  I still am using the technique if he begins to get agitated and it settles him almost instantly.
The "invisible dog" was the HARDEST part of the whole program because I missed being with Duke the way we used to be together.  HOWEVER, that technique actually saved our relationship.  He no longer pests for attention; he doesn't shadow my every move, he stopped his whining and crying, his pawing and jumping up at me for attention.  Now, he understands that to earn my attention he needs to be on good behavior and he's there about 98% of the time.  It is hard on us "parents" but it really works wonders for our "babies". 
I could go on for hours on how well the program has worked for us.  I am sure you will find Dr. Tripp and the team to be truly helpful and supportive throughout the process and that you too will have a successful outcome. 
I wish all the best for you and Cocoa.
Kind regards,
Jill Corley

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