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History: Aggression toward People

From:  Inez Koo 
To:  Rolan Tripp, DVM
Date:  Sat Nov 1, 2008 2:06 pm
Subject:  Letter from Pet Parent

Dear Dr. Tripp,

     I am writing to thank you and your team at the Animal Behavior Network. I was having a lot of problem with Hannah. She is very sweet at home. She would never hurt anyone in the family. However, when she is outside of the home, she would bark and lunge at people. I was afraid that she could hurt someone and she could be taken from me.

     I took Hannah to our pet trainer for help. I was meeting with the trainer about 3 times a week. Hannah would get used to a few people she sees everyday but would lunge at others. Her behavior was unpredictable. After each training session, Hannah would have diarrhea from the stress. After a few months of training, I decided to go a different direction.

     I am very grateful to my veterinarian that she recommended a consult with you. Your evaluation was comprehensive, and the treatment plan you created was easy to follow. Your behavior technician assigned to Hannah's case was always there to answer my questions and follow up on Hannah˘s progress. Your team is always professional and very caring.

     I never thought that Hannah would improve so much. At her last recheck, I was very surprised that she was accepting treats on the exam table. She was showing less signs of stress. And it was nice to see that she was not barking or lunging.
 I just wanted you to know that Hannah and I appreciate your work with troubled pets, and we wish others the success we have enjoyed.


Inez Koo
La Habra, California

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