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Pet Behavior History Analysis

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Pet Parents call 1-800-372-3706, If you don't get someone live, leave a message with a brief description of your pet's behavior problem and a behavior consultant will return your call to briefly review your case and determine next steps. This usually involves us calling your veterinarian for recent lab work, you completing a detailed behavior history form online and a phone or virtual consultation via Zoom is scheduled to dive into the details of the behavior with your consultant. Your consultant formulates a customized behavior modification plan and reviews with you how to carry that out to the best of your ability.

Following the Pet Behavior History Analysis a report is sent to your pet's veterinarian that includes the pet's behavioral profile and any recommended medical services and behavior medicines.

Veterinarians nationwide refer cases to the Animal Behavior Network. The Network allows the client easy, convenient, step by step education with phone, video and email support to assure pet and pet parent success.  See Client Testimonials and Veterinarian References.

The goal is to increase the enjoyment of pets as indoor members of a human family.

ABN supports veterinarians by planning and coordinating pet behavior modification programs.

Veterinarians can request a Pet Behavior Analysis on a client's behalf.

1. The attending Veterinarian calls with client information or faxes a form to 1-800-372-3706 requesting a Pet Behavior History Analysis be offered on their behalf to a client with a pet behavior problem.

2ABN contacts the client on behalf of the attending Veterinarian to explain and offer the services. If the client wishes to proceed with a consultation, a virtual appointment is made and payment is collected via credit card or paypal.


3.  After the consultation the analysis report is made available to the client and the attending veterinarian. This iincludes: probable causes for the unwanted behavior, prognosis for improvement with treatment, suggested behavior therapy and further diagnostics that are indicated. Any behavior medicine recommended is reviewed and prescribed by the Attending DVM as needed. The client mmediately begins behavior education and recommended treatment plan with ongoing 24/7 support to assure pet and client success.

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