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Behavior Services

Corrective Behavior Services

Corrective - Veterinary Pet Behavior History Analysis

  • PetEthogram™ Pet Behavioral History
  • Veterinary Behavior Consultant analyzes all behavior issues that might be going on:
  • An analysis of the pet's probable motivation for the behavior
  • The likelihood of correcting or improving the behavior.
  • An estimate of the amount of time the pet owner will need to invest
  • Whether or not a canine obedience training group class is indicated
  • Whether a home training visit might be indicated or helpful.
  • A cost estimate for any additional behavior modification consulting
  • Medical procedures or behavior medications that might be needed
  • A list of any products that might be helpful in the issue resolution
  • Report sent to the attending veterinarian and client
  • Client Veterinary Pet Relationship stays with the attending veterinarian
  • Professional fee charged to pet parent ranges from $75 to $210.

Behavior Modification Programs - Customized

  • Recommended by the Veterinary Behavior Consultant after an analysis
  • Each program is individually designed
  • Average program is 2 - 4 months; goal is one to two years follow-up
  • Unlimited email and telephone consultation for duration of program
  • Cost to client is variable ($200-400 Treatment Plan, Supervision $35-100/mo.)

AnimalBehavior.Net Abbreviations

VBT Veterinary Behavior Technician

  • Non-DVM, RVT Certified, typically with a B.S. Degree
  • Veterinary Technician with special interest in behavior

VBC Veterinary Behavior Consultant

  • Veterinarian with special interest in behavior
  • Evaluates case and gives an opinion

DACVB Boarded Vet Behaviorist

  • Specialist opinion from a world authority

ALT Affiliate Local Dog Trainer

  • In-home visits
  • Group classes

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