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- Adding Behavior Services -

Puppy Parties - Set Up Checklist

Name: _______________________________                        Date Started: ______________


Date Completed/Notes

1.  Read,
Implementing Behavior Programs

2.  Read,
Why Conduct a Puppy Party?


3.  Read, How to have a Successful Puppy Party. 

3.   Decide who will be the Puppy Party Coordinator and Supervisor. Review the Team Education Checklists


4.   Decide where, when and how often you want to hold a puppy party (day, time, how often). Decide if you will charge or have free puppy parties.


5.   Read, How to Use ABN Documents. Read this FAQ about downloading, saving, and modifying ABN Word Documents


6.   Decide if you will also offer puppy classes. Review, The Puppy Place!


7.  Read all Puppy Party Resource Files


8.   Decide what your health requirements will be. Read, Health & Vaccine Aspects of Puppy Socialization from Dr. Tripp, Dr. R.K. Anderson, and Dr. Andrew Luescher.


9.   Obtain volunteers to help supervise the puppy party. Complete the Puppy Party Organization


10.  Post flyers in your and in the neighborhood. See Sample Puppy Party Flyer and Sample Puppy Party Flyer2


11.  Place the Puppy Party Marketing Hand Out announcing the time and date of your party - this can be used an additional marketing tool and can be mailed or handed out.


12.  Prepare to enroll all puppies in the Error-Free Puppy Raising ECourse using the Animal Behavior Network (ABN) Online Client Entry Wizard (CEW).  Print, Sign Up for Behavior Information Form. Personally invite every puppy parent to attend a puppy party.


13.  Survey interest in other Behavior Services offered now or considered in the future, Print, Identify Behavior Services Need and Interest and make copies.


14.  Encourage families to bring their children and spouses. This helps to socialize the pups to men and women, children and toddlers [4] . Review, Canine Confidence Building


15.  Limit the participants to a number that your designated room can comfortably hold plus the number of volunteers.  Review, Puppy Party Topics


16.  Have a waiting list.  Ask for phone numbers and an email address so that each owner can be called and emailed if a spot becomes vacant for the party. 

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