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Daycare Socialization for Confidence Building

Building Confidence With People

One way to build confidence in dogs is helping them to learn how to earn what they want. Dogs relax when they feel some control over their environment. Lure-Reward method training helps dogs learn a "working vocabulary" and positive behaviors such as coming when called, and following one word instructions such as sit, down, watch, stay and off.

Another way to help dogs to gain confidence is to be gentle and trustworthy. Never threaten a dog physically or verbally. Dogs learn best when your methods are gentle and allow the dog to succeed.

The dog that is afraid of people may do better in an area where people can say hi to the dog by name and offer a treat frequently. Label the kennel card “DAYCARE – PEOPLE SHY”.  This means, “Please give as much positive human contact as possible”.  Provide at least three positive experiences with new people for each day of DayCare. Give cookies regularly. If very shy, leave the leash on the collar to get the pet out frequently.

If you are introducing the dog to someone new, cue, “Say Hi!”  The goal is to communicate to the dog, “This person (or dog) is friendly, and will not hurt you.” Reward the dog for any curious, non-fearful or aggressive behavior. 

Puppy Socialization

Supervised play is the best method of reducing fearfulness and aggressiveness for puppies under four months old.  Allow the puppies to play together. If any puppy gets too worked up, keep that pup on lead so you can easily interrupt and remove the pup from play for a  “time out.” 


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