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Becoming a Pet-Centered Professionals

Team Orientation and Education

Team training may be assigned as required for job advancement or provided as a free education "perk" that allows team members to learn at their own pace (and interest)  from the comfort and convenience of home.


Team Members will need to Login as the Veterinary Hospital, Shelter or Pet Professional Business to view the Checklists from the Members Menu.

Animal Behavior Coordinator (ABC) Leadership

Becoming a Pet-Centered Location ECourse

This ECourse from the Animal Behavior Network arrives by email to guide the Team Education in gradual, easy monthly steps. Team Member Education Checklists can be used for team members who want to advance their education more quickly. a

Organization and Operations Support

  • Weekly and Monthly checklists arrive by email from the Animal Behavior Network to guide your team in easy program implementation. Checklists keep the program going and support consistency. Assign checklists to appropriate team member(s) to initial - confirmed completed. If a task does not apply to your situation, line it out and proceed to the next item.

Advanced Team Education

For help on on how to use checklists, see Checklist 04 - ABC Leadership, or click on  Filing System.

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