Customizing Copyright Documents
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  Can I modify AnimalBehavior.Net web pages (HTML) and Word documents?

A:  Yes - as long as you don't remove copyright info.

Q:   How do I modify web pages and documents?
A:   Use "Print Friendly" button

  • Open a blank document your editing program (i.e. Microsoft Word) Create a new folder under My Documents called, "Behavior" to use for saving new behavior documents.

  • Open the webpage you wish to copy

  • Select orange Print Friendly  button on web pages first

  • Right Click on your mouse anywhere on the page and at the top menu, left click on Edit and then on Select All

  • Right click and select Copy

  • Go to your blank page and right click to select Paste 

  • Then, Save As to your NEW local computer folder called, Behavior, under My Documents on C:Drive or CD, TIP:  Name the document the same as the one you opened in AnimalBehavior.Net.

  • Now,  you can edit (customize), save and print.

Q:  How do I obtain a Microsoft Word document?
A:    If you do not have a document programs, you can download the Word viewer free here.

Q:   Why do I get errors when I choose "open" instead of "view" after I click the link to a document?
A:    Some computers may have Word Viewer software that is not compatible with our documents. Some browsers may also crash when using external software such as the Word Viewer. We recommend that you save the files you plan to edit  to your local computer, then open them in Microsoft Word to modify and print them. You can download it here.

Q:   How do I print web pages or Word documents?
A      Print Friendly button is available on many pages and allows you to print without the banner and left hand navigation.

Q:   What if we do want to edit a page but do NOT want to save the document to our local computer?
A:      If you do not wish to save the document to your computer, you may skip the Save As step above, modify the document and print it as a Master Copy to be photocopied. TIP: If the document is not saved, when you close the screen changes are not saved.

Q:   Why are some words underlined and blue?
A:     When the text is in blue, it either signifies an email address, a web address, or an active link that opens an online page.

Q:   How do I open the blue link in Word docs?
Move your cursor over the text in blue and hold down the control key while you left click on the mouse one time.

Q:    I opened a document, now how do I get back to the web site without closing the doc window?
When you are done reading, saving, modifying, or printing the document, click on your browser BACK arrow (top left). If you have modified the document, or even just printed it, your browser may ask if you want to save your changes. If you plan to save the document to your folder on the computer, click yes, and you will be prompted to name the file and choose a location for it. If you do not want to save the file to your computer, you must click no.