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Why Offer a Puppy Party?

We want pets to live a long time

Veterinary hospitals in the United States lose up to 15 percent of their patients per year due to behavior problems. People surrender their pets because they cannot live with the unwanted behaviors.Studies show that only one out of every three people who gets a puppy will still have that dog at the end of its life.

We want to stop unnecessary euthanasia of dogs who don’t learn basic dog manners

Pets with behavior problems end up in shelters where only a portion are adopted.Statistics show that seven to ten million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the USA alone.

We want to help strengthen the Pet-Family-Veterinary Bond

The Human-Animal Bond is very important. Gentle, proven methods of preventing and modifying unwanted behaviros help bond the pet and pet parent to each other and to your location.The goal of providing pet behavior education is increased happiness and joy for pet and pet parent. Offering pet behavior education is also one of the best pet and client retention programs you can do.

We want puppies to learn how to meet and greet new adult dogs for a lifetime to avoid fearfulness and aggression and so your dog can enjoy new dog friends throughout life

Dogs who don’t learn canine communication and social skills as young puppies (prior to 4 months old from off leash puppy play) often fight or cower when meeting other dogs later in life. Unsocialized canines do not learn how to read or communicate "normal canine body language" so become awkward and unsure how to relate to new dogs.


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