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In the last several years, tremendous advances have been made in understanding how to develop a canine personality into an ideal companion. 

Common problems with housetraining, destruction, barking, fearfulness and aggression toward dogs or people can now be easily prevented. 

However, once these behavior problems have developed, treatment is time consuming and difficult.

The puppy brain develops through specific developmental periods, based on genetic wolf instincts. Between 2 and 5 months, if the dog is isolated from a dog pack, he or she will often become fearful, or may learn to attack ANY outsider. This often results in becoming aggressive toward children, guests and friends years later. 

Puppy parties help teach puppies to accept other dogs and people as well as proper play etiquette and general socialization. Puppies that are not exposed to other dogs at a young age often do not learn how to interact with other dogs, thus leading to inter-dog aggression. 

At puppy parties, puppies learn social play, while under supervision to avoid any negative experience. Puppies that are in a house with adults and no children will not know how to react when a child comes up to them at a park. Here puppies are introduced to men, women, children and toddlers.  The goal of this entire program is to help you raise an IdealDog™.



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