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Date Completed
Petsburgh, USA
Socializing at a Dog Birthday Party  
Elevation/Suspension for Bonding in Puppies  
Compulsive Licking Damages a Dog’s Leg  
Puppy Body Language in Play  
Kitten Gentling to Develop an IdealCat™ Personality  
Collars vs. Head Halter to Control Pulling on Leash  
Feline Spraying Solutions - What They’re Thinking..  
Dog vs. Cat - Which Makes the Best Pet.\  
How to Respond to Puppy Biting  
Q&A: 1)Kennel training; 2)Aloof feline; 3)When to spay  
Dog Misbehavior - Punishment vs. Correction  
Puppy Gentling to Develop an IdealDog™ Personality  
GoodDog U
Canine Excessive Licking of People  
Preventing Allergic Foot Licking From Becoming An Obsessive Habit  
Canine Chewing Wood While Teething; Redirect To A Better Chew  
Canine Emotional Urination  
Canine Thunderstorm Phobia  
Canine Phobias-Dog with Phobia of Water  
Destructive Digging Inside The House Developing Into Obsessive Behavior  
Canine Aggression As A Result Of Back Pain  
Canine Car Sickness and Fear of Riding in the Car  


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