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  Checklist 02 - Team Orientation

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Preventing Dog Behavior Problems  
  • If dog/puppy daycare is not to be offered, identify a referral location. Have the information at the front desk to hand out to clients to encourage early positive puppy socialization

Correcting Pet Behavior Problems

  • Ask clients how pets are behaving at home. (Be non-judgmental, just curious and interested.) Ask where the pet sleeps to open the conversation. Check here when you have started asking clients about their pet's behavior at home.Check here when you begin asking how pet's are behaving at home.
  • Tell clients your location now offers pet behavior education and services. Be excited and proud as you share your location's goal to keep pets and people together in loving, lasting relationships. Check here when you begin talking to clients about the new pet behavior education and services now offered at your location.
  • When a client expresses a pet behavior concern, you can now recommend a thorough solution by a Veterinary Behavior Consultant and request a follow-up call to your client to discuss the new help available to them through your location. If there is an issue, ask if your client would like a Veterinary Behavior Technician to call and to discuss the options for getting the help they need. Check off this item when you have made your first request (fax form or call to assigned Veterinary Behavior Technician) to call your client to discuss recommended pet behavior consultation services.

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Congratulations! You have completed, Checklist 02 Team Orientation. Review with or submit to the ABC or your supervisor. You are now ready to proceed to Checklist 03 Team Education

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