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 In Hospital Video Education Tracking

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Name: _____________________                  Start Date:  __________

 Video Name Areas Date Completed
01 Introduction To Veterinary Behavior Services All  
02 Exam Room-Using Feliway To Lower Cat Stress Exam  
03 Taking A Temperature In The Veterinary Setting Exam  
04 Fecal Exam In The Veterinary Setting Exam  
05 Use Of A Fecalizer In Collecting A Stool Sample Exam  
06 Behavior Entry In The Medical Record Exam  
07 Introduction To Needles And Painless Injections Exam  
08 Storing Behavior Tools In The Practice All  
09 Shy Puppies And Dog Food As Class Seating Puppy Area  
10 Spatial Set Up For Puppy Parties And Classes Puppy Area  
11 Potty Clean-Up In Puppy Class Puppy Area  
12 Dogs Who Jump On Vet Staff - The Body Block Lobby  
13 Flip Chart Use For The Community Behavior Seminar Lobby  
14 Entering Client Email Addresses Into The Web Form Admin  
15 Handling Paper Related To Behavior Services Admin  
16 Use Of Close Tethering In The Veterinary Hospital Admin  
17 Kennel Cards And Verbal Reinforcement Kennel  
18 Creating Frozen Kong "Pup-Sicles" Kennel  
19 Preparation Of Frozen Hot Dog Chips Kennel  
20 Towel Removing A Fractious Cat From A Kennel Kennel  
21 Use And Misuse Of A "Rabies Pole" Kennel  
22 Leash Removing A Fractious Cat From A Kennel Kennel  
23 Feline Inpatient-Comfy Cat Care Kennel  
24 Barking Protocol In A Veterinary Kennel Kennel  
25 Dog Daycare Setup; Water, Crate, Shade DayCare  
26 Dog Daycare Recess And Rotations DayCare  
27 Testing A New Dog Before Entry Into Daycare DayCare  
28 Canine Elimination Waste Management Kennel  
29 Kennel Gates And Latches Kennel  
30 Safely Getting An Unknown Dog Out Of A Kennel-2Lead System Kennel  
31 Cleaning And Sanitizing A Kennel Run Kennel  

[1] If unable to complete any item due to circumstances outside of your control move to the next item, and attempt to complete it when able.

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