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Becoming Pet-Centered Professionals

  Checklist 09 - Team Advanced Education

DIRECTIONS:  Use Print Friendly button to print. Then add your name and date.

Name: _____________________                  Start Date:  __________

Use this guide to supplement your education as time allows.

Date Completed

Team Member Education

  • Each month your location will receive a "ELesson" to review and apply. The ABC (or Team) needs to review, evaluate how to accomplish the  "Mission" of the month.

  • Some locations set up all team members to receive this monthly ECourse. Other ABCs forward this email to key people. While others use the ELesson to determine the team training goals for the month.

  • Look ahead at,  Becoming a Pet-Centered Location ECourse

  • Review and print the Becoming a Pet-Centered Practice ECourse.  Team Tracking.
  • Review ABN Behavior Term Glossary to learn terms used when working with your client on a Pet Behavior History Analysis or Veterinary Behavior Case Supervision.
  • Print the Hospital Video Training Tracking and Animal Planet Video Tracking Sheet. Supplement your Team Education Checklists by watching these Videos to support what you are learning on each Checklist. 
In Hospital  Short Video Training  


  • Use, the Hospital Video Tracking to track your progress. Watch just the videos for your department or set a goal to watch all.

Congratulations! You have completed Checklist 09 - Team Education.  Review this checklist with your supervisor. You are now ready to proceed to Checklist 10 Team Education  

These courses are to be read and studied during lunch and break times and at home for professionals who want to advance their training. The Pet Parenting ECourse arrives weekly at your home for your comfort and convenience. Additional education can be completed as  self-study topics concurrently.

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