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Becoming Pet-Centered Professionals

  Checklist 03 - ABC Leadership

DIRECTIONS:  Use Print Friendly button to print. Then add your name and date.

Name: _____________________                  Start Date:  __________

Complete or go as far as possible on each item before proceeding

Date Completed

Team Member Education Tracking

Checklists allow team members to work ahead of the monthly Becoming a Pet Centered Practice ECourse  
  • Print a copy of each Team Education Checklist. Use a yellow highlighter to write,  MASTER COPY on the back.

  • Place Master Copy (for photocopy use) in a folder named Education Checklist MASTERS.

  • Create one folder for each Team Member name.

  • Team members will use this folder to keep the Checklists they are working on and have completed. ABC may want to "Sign Off" the Checklist as "Complete" after quizzing the Team Member on the checklist content and/or asking for a brief "report" or "demonstration" of each item.
  • MANAGEMENT SUGGESTION:  Discuss with the Doctor Owner or Practice Manager the possibility of setting an increase in wages based on learning accomplished at home. For example, $.05/hr. per specified education units or checklist learning is completed.
  • Require some "testing" or quiz by team or ABC or designated person. For example, Tell me what you learned in this "Named" Unit. Allow notes to be used.
  • Also require demonstration of the knowledge. Option to require a "write-up on each unit if awarding a bonus or raise or other reward.
Congratulations! You have completed Checklist 03 ABC Leadership. Review this checklist with your supervisor. You are ready to proceed to Checklist 04 ABC Leadership
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